At Munroe Regional Medical Center, our job is to provide you with the best medical care available and to identify the most appropriate setting and level of care for you. Every staff person at Munroe is committed to restoring your health as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Our Vision is to be the best choice in healthcare.

Core Values

  • Quality
    An unwavering commitment to superior healthcare.
  • Compassion
    Concern for human welfare and the alleviation of suffering.
  • Respect
    Recognizing the worth of others.
  • Integrity
    Commitment to moral and ethical behavior.
  • Responsibility
    Being accountable for the things we do and say.

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This website was developed in an effort to answer your questions about Munroe's services. When we can be of assistance to you, please call our Health Resource Line at (352) 867-8181 or e-mail us through the website's Contact Us section.