Mission & Values

In 2007, Munroe Regional Medical Center's board of directors adopted a new mission and vision statement, as well as a new set of core values for Munroe Regional. This was the result of feedback received from Munroe Regional associates, volunteers and physicians when asked to describe what they felt was expected of Munroe Regional Medical Center in providing care to our community.

The Munroe Way is our mission, vision, core values and behaviors. It is our compass for directing every action we undertake at Munroe.

Simply put, The Munroe Way helps us to better understand who we are and what is expected of us. The Munroe Way is how we operate in our organization. It is how we must conduct ourselves and how we are expected to treat our customers, patients and one another. The Munroe Way is our Code of Ethics and our Code of Conduct. It also outlines our continued focus on our "quality equation," which helps us focus on providing high value at the lowest reasonable cost (quality/cost = value).

The Munroe Way is our tool to ensure we live our mission every day and provide our community with exceptional customer service.

Our Mission

To improve the health of our community by delivering compassionate innovative care through exceptional people doing extraordinary works.

Our Vision

To be the best choice in healthcare.


An unwavering commitment to superior healthcare.


Concern for human welfare and the alleviation of suffering.


Recognizing the worth of others.


Commitment to moral and ethical behavior.


Being accountable for the things we do and say.