Conflict Resolution

What is an Ombudsman?

[om-buhdz-muhn, -man, -boodz-, awm-, om-boodz-muhn, -man, awm-]
noun, plural -men [-muhn, -men] A person who attempts to resolve complaints and problems, between members of a community.

The Munroe Regional Ombudsman works to help resolve the internal problems of the organization and the Munroe community.

The mission of the Ombudsman is to provide an avenue for all Munroe Regional associates to confidentially voice and/or resolve concerns and issues. The Ombudsman's role is to hear complaints, help clarify issues and suggest possible solutions to work-related problems or concerns. The Ombudsman can coordinate formal grievance procedures but does not go on notice for the organization.

Do you need the Ombudsman or a different Department? Check below to see if another entity within the organization might better help you in your situation. 

Risk Management | 351-7200 ext 5032 or 6277
Look into potential error(s)  in the course of the delivery of health care services.

Human Resources | 351-7200 ext 6412
If a situation arises at work in which you feel that you have been mistreated or misunderstood or in cases of harassment and wish to make a formal complaint.

Corporate Compliance Officer | 351-7200 ext 3439
The Corporate Compliance Officer conducts risk assessments, and response plans, internal monitoring and auditing responding promptly to detected offenses, developing corrective action, and reports findings to appropriate executives to correct and issues or concerns.

Safety Officer | 351-7200 ext 5390
The Safety Officer promotes a culture of safety, ensuring that staff members are staying current with The Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals and collecting and aggregating patient-safety related data. In addition the Safety Officer plans, organizes, and directs the medical centers safety program. Works closely with Infection Control and Employee Health.

You may reach the Munroe Ombudsman to schedule an appointment at your convenience via secure email, phone: (352) 368-3434, fax: (352) 368-3438 or mail at: PO Box 6000 • Ocala, FL 34478.