Support resources for a healthy lifestyle

Successful weight loss following Bariatric Surgery is a life long journey with few short cuts. Studies show that patients who commit to eating a healthy diet, take the required supplements, adhere to their doctor's medical follow-up instructions and incorporate an exercise program into their lifestyle have the best long-term results. To be successful also requires a good support network. That's where we can help.

Through our LifeTime Centers, Munroe Regional Medical Center offers the technical, professional and compassionate support you need to reach your weight loss goals following bariatric surgery. Our Exercise Physiologists and Certified Personal Trainers are experienced in developing customized exercise programs that help patients reach their goals, and registered dietitians and nutritionists can help you plan healthy, nutritious, portion-controlled meals.

About Munroe's LifeTime Center

Munroe Regional Medical Center's LifeTime Center combines six facilities for rehabilitation therapies and wellness education programs to promote physical well-being and general fitness to aid in the healing process. There are convenient LifeTime Center locations throughout the area, including:

  • Ocala LifeTime Center: 1100 S.W. 1st Avenue | 352-671-2080
  • TimberRidge LifeTime Center: 9401 S.W. Hwy 200, Bldg. 200, Ste 202 | 352-854-9498 
  • Lady Lake LifeTime Center: 1390 U.S. Hwy 441, Ste. 301 | 352-753-1175
  • Aquatic Center & Rehab: 1901 S.E. 18th Ave, Bldg. 500 | 352-351-1474
  • Munroe Regional Speech & Hearing: 1401 S.#. 30th Ave. | 352-732-4900

Our LifeTime Center is an important part of Munroe Regional's mission to improve the health of our community by delivering compassionate, innovative care.