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Munroe Regional Surgeon Performs the First Total Ankle Replacement Procedure in North Central Florida

INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement brings relief to patients suffering from end-stage ankle arthritis

Ocala, FL - July 1, 2010

This afternoon Dr. Robert Linn, a foot and ankle surgeon at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, Fla., began performing the first total ankle replacement procedure in North Central Florida, which includes Alachua, Marion, and Citrus County. Dr. Linn is being assisted during the procedure by his partner, Dr. Scott Goldstein. Dr. Linn and Dr. Goldstein operate the Foot and Ankle Center of Ocala, which is located at 6160 SW HWY 200, Suite 100 in Ocala. 

“The INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement procedure is ideal for patients who suffer from debilitating end-stage ankle arthritis, do not participate in high-impact activities and are between the ages of 30 and 70,” said Dr. Linn. “These patients find it difficult to walk and stand-up and are no longer finding any type of relief from anti-inflammatory medications. After recovery, a patient can return to their normal, everyday activities.”

The INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement consists of an anchoring system to secure it in place to reduce the likelihood of it loosening over time. INBONE™ can also be customized by length and diameter to give the patient the most precise fit with minimal bone removal. The device is implanted into the patient’s body piece-by-piece in order to place the least amount of stress on the patient’s body. A patented surgical technique enables the surgeon to accurately place the device.

Patients who receive an INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement normally spend one to three nights in the hospital. The patient’s cast will be removed sometime between four and six weeks post surgery. Full recovery takes anywhere from two to six months. An individual who receives a total ankle replacement should have very little or very minimal pain after surgery.

The ankle is a small joint that supports about four to five times a person’s body weight when they walk. For patients suffering from ankle arthritis every step that they take is extremely painful. As the hip and knee replacement technology advanced during the last several decades, ankle replacement technology lagged far behind. Many patients underwent ankle fusion surgery that pins the two ankle bones together, so that the joint forms one mass. Patients lose range-of-motion during that procedure, but didn’t have any other viable options to eliminate the excruciating pain from their lives until recently. The INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement by Wright Medical is revolutionizing the way end-stage ankle arthritis is treated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 46 million Americans (one in five) suffer from some form of doctor diagnosed arthritis.[1] It is estimated that as the U.S. population ages, that the number of people diagnosed with arthritis will increase to 67 million by the year 2030 - approximately one in every three Americans will be diagnosed with the condition.1 Arthritis is a degenerative condition that causes the cartilage to erode between the joints.1 Symptoms include pain, aching and swelling in or around the joint. For patients who suffer from arthritis of the hip and knee, a joint replacement has relieved them of the pain and suffering caused by arthritis and allowed them to return to an active lifestyle. However, patients suffering from arthritis of the ankle didn’t have many options until recently and were often forced to live in excruciating pain.

“Munroe Regional is proud to partner with Dr. Linn and Dr. Goldstein to bring this revolutionary new procedure to North Central Florida,” said Dr. Lon McPherson, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Quality Officer. “The total ankle replacement procedure will enable those who suffer from end-stage ankle arthritis to seek total joint replacement similar to those who have been treated for many years with hip and knee arthritis. This will allow patients to improve their quality of life and return to an active lifestyle.”

For further information, please contact Ryan Gerds, Public Information Officer, at 352.402.5206. An animation video of the INBONE Total Ankle Replacement procedure can be viewed at

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[1] Center for Disease Control. Arthritis Meeting the Challenge. Available at