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Munroe Regional Lights Up the Medical Center in Pink & Blue

Munroe Regional Medical Center officially recognizes November as Prematurity Awareness Month. The front of the hospital will light up pink and blue at night for the entire month of November.

Prematurity Awareness Month is a time to recognize the growing crisis of premature birth and gives an opportunity for the March of Dimes to support and educate families about how to give their babies a healthy start in life. Munroe lights up the hospital as an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems of premature birth and increasing awareness that prematurity is the leading cause of death with newborns.

According to the March of Dimes, more than half a million premature births occur in the United States every year. Premature birth is the number one killer of newborns and those premature babies that survive often suffer life-long consequences. The causes of nearly half of all premature births are unknown, leaving all families at risk. According to recent polls, most people don't know that premature birth is a problem, or that the rate of prematurity is increasing; over the last 20 years, the incidence of premature birth has increased 20 percent.

The March of Dimes works to raise awareness about the crisis of premature birth in November and throughout the year. The March of Dimes funds cutting-edge research and innovative programs that help more babies come into the world healthy. For more information visit www.marchofdimes/com/everybaby to learn more about Prematurity Awareness Month.

For further information please contact Ryan Gerds, Public Information Officer, at (352) 402-5206 or by email at