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Advocacy Alert: Immediate Action Required

Dear Friends of Munroe,

I need your help. The American Hospital Association (AHA) has reached out to hospitals across the United States today and they are deeply concerned that legislation to increase the debt limit will become a vehicle to make further cuts to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As you may know, Munroe receives over 71% of its revenue from these programs and we along with the FHA and AHA are working aggressively to avoid any new reductions to hospitals.

This week I was in Washington DC with a delegation from the Florida Hospital Association and had the opportunity to speak directly with our U.S. Senators and Representatives. They are generally supportive but now it's time for everyone to get involved. Please see the talking points below and contact your members of Congress today.

The American Hospital Association's Key Talking Points

The AHA has been fully engaged in this debate in Washington. Time is short and the message is urgent - Enough is Enough. We oppose any further reductions in payment for hospital services under Medicare and Medicaid for the following reasons:

  • America's hospitals are already absorbing $155 billion in payment reductions as a result of the Health Reform Bill passed last year. And every single day, Medicare and Medicaid pay hospitals less than the cost of providing care.
  • Hospitals provide critical services that no one else can. Yet hospitals are once again jeopardized by new and serious threats:
    • Weakening the safety net for the millions of low-income children, seniors and Americans with disabilities;
    • By interfering with states' existing ability to spend Medicaid funds wisely;
    • Limiting the training of new physicians at a time when we face an across-the-board shortage of physicians;
    • To care for children, the newly-covered and baby boomers entering Medicare;
    • Increasing hospitals' uncompensated care burden.
  • Any additional cuts to hospitals could result in threats to patient care:
    • Services eliminated;
    • Longer waits for care;
    • ERs shut down;
    • Staffing reduced.

There are other ways to reduce the deficit.  Don't hurt patient care.


As always, thank you for your usual fine support and assistance!


Steve Purves
President & CEO
Munroe Regional Medical Center