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Letters to the Editor for Jan 8, 2011


Ocala, FL -
Published in the Star Ocala-Banner on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 6:30am

First Avenue shuffle?

According to staff writer Fred Hiers' Dec. 30 article, "Recommendations could affect MRMC funds and oversight," it appears that Munroe Regional Medical Center does not have a chance in hell against Gov. Rick Scott's hospital panel that would not allow the hospital to continue receiving its "justifiable due and fair share" of Medicaid's reimbursements for treating Marion County's indigent population. This, in time, would cause a new tax. Thus, this segment will be shuffled back and forth across Southwest First Avenue wasting valuable time, with possible lives at stake, to make certain the for-profit Ocala Regional Medical Center gets its fair share of Medicaid funds. Never mind the well-known fact that MRMC treats far more indigent patients and is entitled to this government benefit.

Since when does the uninsured and underinsured go to for-profit hospitals, and since when does ORMC and West Marion facilities accept with open arms this group? They will shuffle them across First Avenue to MRMC because it is not profitable for them to treat these patients. Delivering babies is not profitable, thus MRMC must take that responsibility.

Let us remember who started this state panel: Scott, who was the former CEO of the largest for-profit hospital organization in the nation and who pleaded the Fifth Amendment dozens of times during sworn testimony.

The nerve of him, and yet here and throughout Florida, we will be obligated to follow this crook's objectives to get rid of all public hospitals because they get the lion's share of Medicaid funds.

OK, uninsured and underinsured people, go to ORMC and see how far you get.

Jeanette Bibb