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Letters to the editor for February 23


Ocala, FL - February 23, 2012

Published in the Ocala Star-Banner on Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

Munroe, our jewel

The Costa Concordia was a “Jewel of the Sea” that was fitted with all the modern technological advances. Nobody ever thought that it would ever sink. But it did and people have died.

Well, Marion County has such a jewel that is in danger of being sunk — that is, Munroe Regional Medical Center.
I had the opportunity to walk the outside perimeter of Munroe twice last week while waiting for my wife, who was at an event at the Auxiliary Center. I was fascinated how huge its campus is. It is surrounded by all types of support services, such as elderly, new mothers and mental health support. It also it has a volunteer force of over 2,000 who work for free.

There is talk about turning this jewel over to profiteers. Well, Munroe’s bottom line right now is “we the people”. Yes, you. If profiteers come in, that bottom line will change to money first and you second, no matter what gimmick they try to use to make you think otherwise.
Please do not let this jewel go the way of the Concordia. The people of Marion County should be proud of this jewel and support this hospital. It is one of the few hospitals in the country that is run by the people. Many communities would love to have this hospital.

Joseph P. Bronsard