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Letters to the Editor for April 15, 2012


Ocala, FL - April 15, 2012

Published: Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

Corporate Takeover

Capitalism is the best economic system in the world. However, without regulations in place to protect the middle class, especially the working poor, our country will continue its free fall toward becoming a third-world nation.

Since 1980, politicians' lovefest with corporations has not only allowed them to leave the U.S., but encouraged them by reducing or, in some cases, eliminating tariffs and taxes. More giveaways to companies will only encourage more investments in Wall Street, which in today's world economy is money that does not stay here.

Surely, all the Ronald Reagan worshippers remember his "starve the beast" speeches when referring to evil government. I only wish he was alive, and coherent, today to let us in on our next move, now that the beast is on life support. Big business has been given the key to Fort Knox and continues to trickle down on us all.

Worse yet, as our nation elects business people to infiltrate government and game the system, world corporations will continue to own politicians. Here in Florida, we've elected a former leader of Hospital Corporation of America, the largest private healthcare provider in the world. Go figure: Munroe Regional Medical Center, the public hospital, is now going to get millions less in state money. And public education gets less funding as organizations like Jeb Bush's lobby for more taxpayer funds to private schools.

Keith Sheppard