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Letters to the Editor for May 27, 2012

IN YOUR OPINION Letters to the Editor for May 27, 2012

Ocala, FL - May 27, 2012

Sales tax, please

It seems the powers that be have decided that homeowners are the ones to foot the bill for taxes to support everyone's favorite hospital.

While Munroe is the only one I would willingly check into, I will not support a tax that is not a fair tax supported by all, including the freeloaders. Homeowners should unite behind a sales tax.

Homes are selling for less than half their original price, in many cases, and most owners have added many improvements. Many owners are on Social Security, and for two years, a cost of living increase was denied us. We are being discriminated against, big time.

I have never been known to deny help to one who needs it, but far too many people in this country today are like spoiled brats — the more you give, the more they demand.

Take a stand against being the whipping dog in this case. Support a sales tax and vote NO on the one offered.
Lorena Frazier