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Letters to the Editor, August 19, 2012

Ocala, FL - August 19, 2012
Published in Ocala Star Banner - Sundsy, August 19, 2012 at 6:30am

Selling out

If sold, our hospital, Munroe Regional Medical Center, will no longer be the "custom fit" we enjoy today. It will simply become a "one-size-fits-all" mass production, its sole focus to make money for a corporate home office in some other state.

It's the age-old story of the little town wanting to become a big city. First, you lose the mom-and-pop businesses (you know, the ones you could walk in and they greeted you by your first name) to the big chains. Was it really a better thing? Then, all the newly built homes start to look the same because it's more cost-effective. Then, the trees are in the way and we don't need that historical town square anyway, right? Then, all the great institutions built from the blood, sweat and tears of our friends, neighbors and businessmen who wanted to give more services to the community are taken over by some corporation in an even bigger city who had a sure-fire money-maker (cookie cutter) organization-in-a-box way of running things — local needs be damned because revenue is priority one.

Suddenly, the town has no soul.

Yes, I love Munroe because we all built, worked, cared and fought for it, and it continues to give back and genuinely cares for us when we need it. I can't think of one reason why I would want to lose something like that.

Jill DiLorenzo