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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 14, 2012


Ocala, FL - October 14, 2012
Published on Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best for the community

Marion County voters will soon make one of the most important decisions in the history of this county regarding the future of Munroe Regional Medical Center.

During the 1960s, while my father, L.V. "Strick" Curry, served on the Marion County Commission, a bond issue requiring commission approval was proposed for a large expansion of Munroe. Opponents of the expansion encouraged my father to vote against the bond issue. They stated that if he voted for the bond issue, they would make sure he was not re-elected to the County Commission.

My father decided to do what he considered was best for the future of Marion County and its residents and supported the bond issue. The bond issue was approved by the County Commission and by the voters, and the hospital expansion was completed in the early 1970s — and my father was re-elected.

We are now faced with an even bigger decision than faced by my father. Do we keep Munroe as a not-for-profit hospital under local control or, as opponents propose, do we allow outside, for-profit parties to take over Munroe?

To keep Munroe under local control, we are asked to approve an ad valorem tax designated exclusively for Munroe. As an owner of residential and commercial property in Marion County, I always view increased property taxes with skepticism. A sales tax would be preferable, but sales tax funds are not permitted to be used for this purpose.

After careful consideration, I intend to support the proposed ad valorem tax because I believe it is in the best interest of the future of Marion County and its residents.

I urge you to vote on the ad valorem tax proposal to allow Munroe Regional Medical Center to remain a not-for-profit hospital under local control.

Landis V. Curry Jr.