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Letters to the editor for Oct. 30, 2012 | Insufficient Answer & Munroe's Worth It


Ocala, FL - October 30, 2012
Published in the Ocala Star-Banner on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

Insufficient answer

A Star-Banner editor finished Paul Ferguson’s appeal to keep Munroe Regional Medical Center under public control with a meaningless footnote.

To understand what did not happen, the footnote should be quoted in its entirety:

“Editor’s note: We contacted Ocala Regional Health Systems and asked if either it or its parent company, HCA, were involved in Save Our Constitution Now. A spokesman for Ocala Regional said, “We are not funding it.”

A first-year journalism student would have closed instantly on the evasiveness of that answer.

That Ocala Regional did not contribute cash to the campaign to deny Munroe the taxes purportedly needed to keep it public, does not eliminate the possibility or the likelihood that for-profit Ocala Regional or its parent, HCA, was “involved” somehow in influencing the campaign opposing a tax to fund the public hospital.

Are we to believe that the for-profits didn’t lobby to influence the outcome of the vote?

Which leads me directly to a question of my own: Why didn’t the editor press for the answer?

Art Woodstone
On Top of the World

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Munroe’s worth it

I have been listening to and watching ads for and against the bond issue for Munroe Regional Medical Center. I have thought about it for some time and discussed it with my husband, after much consideration I know we will vote yes.

If I have to pay more taxes on my property, I couldn’t think of a better reason.

My husband has been in and out of Munroe four times since Jan. 13, 2012, and I have never seen better care or a cleaner, more efficient hospital in my life of 75 years.

Thanks to their care and an excellent surgeon he is cancer free — and no chemo!

We came here from Greenacres, Fla., (West Palm Beach) five years ago and we have seen what happens when a non-profit, community hospital becomes a private hospital, and I would really hate to think it could happen to Munroe. Please, we have to support our community hospital, so vote yes to the bond issue. It could save your life.

You get what you pay for.

Patricia Lee