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Something we can't ignore | Letters to the editor for Dec. 8, 2012


Ocala, FL - December 8, 2012
Published: Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

Something we can't ignore

Thank you for your Dec. 2 editorial, "What's Florida's water worth?" You laid it all out clearly. In a nutshell, we are past the point of no return regarding the pollution of our Silver Springs, Silver River, "lakes, other rivers, streams and seashores." Since all these Central Florida water entities have already been affecting our aquifer's clean water supply, especially our drinking water, as you said for — "some 14 years" — a question, please.

Why is the Adena Springs Ranch still in our picture? In a surprising Nov. 27 article by Bill Thompson, we read that the St. Johns River Water Management District gave Frank Stronach another extension for the huge water permit he so desperately needs for his polluting 30,000-head cattle ranch. In view of the accepted scientific data, and in view of the parade of government officials and the environmentally connected who cruised up and down our famous Silver River and were horrified at what they saw, why did the water district award Stronach another extension?

We will ALL need to help clean our water supply because we need clean water to survive and to be healthy, as our state needs it for its economic survival. The same people who voted no for fees for our children's education in August are the same people who voted no on Nov. 6 to save our acclaimed hospital, Munroe Regional Medical Center. Both taxes would have cost us a miniscule amount in taxes for our children's education and to keep our award-winning hospital safe and out of corporate hands.

These same people will be asked to vote "yes" to save our water supply? Good luck with that!

I'd suggest that the last two paragraphs in the Dec. 2 editorial be read carefully, from the words "In the final analysis."

Marilyn Keegan