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Letters to the editor for Feb. 20, 2013


Ocala, FL - February 20, 2013
Published in Ocala Star Banner on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 6:30 a.m.

A sales tax for Munroe

Last week Munroe Heart published their 2012 Annual Report in the Ocala Star-Banner.

To say that this several page flyer was excellent would be an understatement. It was very informative, and I am sure that many got much good information upon reading it.

Munroe Heart is one of the finest hospital heart departments in the United States, with expertise and technology second to none. I come from Boston, and I would put Munroe Heart right up there with the best of Boston.

I had heart surgery at Munroe Heart in 2009. The care was more than excellent with very knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

We keep reading how the Munroe Regional Medical Center has financial problems. If we were to lose Munroe Heart, Marion County would be losing one of its most valuable assets.

It’s time to enact a half of 1 percent sales tax with the money directed to the operation of Munroe Regional.

Marion County Commissioners, support this.

Burt Sugarman