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Munroe Regional enters into a Healthcare Partnership with YMCA of Marion County

No pun intended, but Munroe Regional Medical Center and the Frank DeLuca YMCA of Marion County have over the past year been carefully “working out” an innovative healthcare collaboration that will align two like-minded organizations, whose mirrored missions are focused on continually improving and managing the health of our community.

This exclusive healthcare partnership will evolve over time, but highlights include health screenings, risk assessments, health and wellness education classes, nutritional counseling, support groups, diabetes and other chronic disease management programs, therapies and even on-site medical services, specializing in preventative and wellness care.

"Munroe Regional Medical Center is so very pleased to enter into this unique partnership with the Frank DeLuca YMCA," said Steve Purves, President & CEO at Munroe Regional.   "With this new healthcare partnership, we extend our hospital mission of tackling the burden of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Not only are these diseases the most prevalent and most costly to care for, they are in most cases preventable. Simply put, leading a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce a person’s risk for developing one of these chronic diseases. Together, Munroe Regional Medical Center and the Frank DeLuca YMCA will be focused on health and wellness for patients in a way that provides a sustainable infrastructure of healthcare for patients and the community.   Our mutual goal is to reverse the life threatening health trends that are not only prevalent nationwide, but in our own community.”  

Characterizing the partnership “as the new pinnacle in creating a healthier community,” Jim Ferber, President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Florida, said “the timing is critical since healthcare reform is motivating people to take more personal responsibility for their health. The YMCA has been in the prevention business for over 100 years and Munroe Regional is ahead of the curve for hospitals advancing prevention,” Ferber said. “Together, we are pioneering a new type of healthcare support.”

Frank DeLuca, the namesake of the Y in Marion County, is encouraged by the collaboration. "Munroe and the Y have traditions of implementing innovative programs to improve the health of our community. I am confident this progressive partnership will not only be good for the citizens of Marion County, it will also be an exemplary partnership that other regions will hopefully seek to emulate for the sake of their community's overall wellness."

“Marion County’s health is rated in the bottom third in the state of Florida, and we are facing some serious health concerns in our community,” said Ben Marciano, Executive Director of the Frank DeLuca YMCA. “Over 50 percent of all chronic diseases are preventable through exercise and nutrition. This partnership between the Frank DeLuca YMCA and Munroe Regional is a step in the right direction on how we address these issues to truly make a difference in the health of our community. I am excited to see the outcomes and how it will positively affect Marion County.”

About Munroe Regional Medical Center
Munroe Regional Medical Center is a locally owned, not-for-profit, acute care community hospital located in Ocala, Florida.  Munroe Regional has been serving the residents of Marion County and surrounding communities for 114-years.  The medical center has 421 licensed beds, 2,600 associates, 450 physicians and 1,600 volunteers.  Munroe Regional admits over 24,000 patients each year, treats over 100,000 in three emergency departments, and sees another 51,000 for other outpatient needs.  Munroe Regional’s mission is to improve the health of our community by delivering compassionate, innovative care through exceptional people doing extraordinary works.  Munroe Regional is located at 1500 SW 1st Ave, Ocala, Florida.  Website address is  Main telephone number is (352) 351-7200.  

About The Y
The Marion County Y, recently renamed the Frank DeLuca YMCA, currently serves 20,000 Marion County residents, including 8,000 children. The Y was also recently recognized as one of the top five YMCA’s in the country based on surveys conducted by SEER Analytics consulting firm of nearly 1,100 YMCAs.