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Munroe Regional Health System’s Board of Directors Appoint Rich Mutarelli as Interim President & CEO

Munroe Regional Health System’s Board of Trustees announced this evening (Monday, August 26th) that long time Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Rich Mutarelli, has been appointed interim President & CEO of Munroe Regional Medical Center effective September 1, 2013.

Mr. Mutarelli became the Health System's Chief Financial Officer in 1991. In 2005, Mr. Mutarelli was promoted to Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and continues to serve in that capacity. He received his BS degree in Finance from WilkesUniversity in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He received his Master of Business Administration degree from WebsterUniversity in St. Louis, Missouri and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Florida. Mr. Mutarelli is responsible for corporate business affairs and financial leadership of the Health      System. In addition, he serves as a strategic advisor to the Health System's Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.

Mr. Mutarelli takes the place of Steve Purves, who has been Munroe Regional’s President & CEO since September 2006 and who recently accepted the President & CEO position at Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I am pleased to personally recommend this appointment to the Board.  This position is essential to leading Munroe Regional and its most critical work, and Rich brings deep experience,” said departing President  & CEO Steve Purves. “Rich is very capable and has earned the trust and confidence of the Board, Medical Staff, and employees. He truly cares about Munroe and its future.”

“In addition to Rich’s experience, financial background, and detailed knowledge of the healthcare industry, Rich has already established a key role in our Health Management Associates long-term lease process.  I look forward to his continued involvement and support to the Trustees in his expanded role, as we move forward with the change of control transaction,” said Marion County Hospital District (MCHD) Board of Trustees Chairman, Jon Kurtz.

Brian O’Connor, Chairman of the MRHS, Inc. Board said, “Rich is solid; his authentic leadership style and his passion for Munroe will hold us in good stead over the coming months.”

“I appreciate the Board’s confidence and support. With help from the Executive Team, I look forward to leading the organization.  We will stay on the course that Steve has set and continue our primary focus of providing quality patient care.  In addition, I look forward to helping guide our employees and physicians through a successful transition to Health Management Associates (HMA),” said interim President & CEO Rich Mutarelli.