From Arthritis Treatment to Joint Replacement

Active Lifestyle Medicine:

Our orthopedic specialists provide thoughtful, timely intervention to minimize complications, speed recovery and return patients to maximum functional capability.

Arthritis Treatment:
Because arthritis is not just a single disease but a group of diseases that cause pain and limit movement in one or more joints, we offer arthritis treatment options that are specific to the type of arthritis you have.

Trauma, Fractures and Reconstruction:
Our orthopedic specialists combine their talents with the technical and surgical capabilities of Munroe Regional Medical Center to provide high level care for injuries and fractures.

Back and Neck Pain:
Pain management is an important component in the Munroe Orthopedics approach. And when serious back and neck problems require surgery, we provide minimally invasive pain management techniques that speed recovery and strengthen long term outcomes.

Joint Replacement:
When joint replacement is the best solution, our joint replacement recommendations are customized to each patient, including gender, age, level of activity and bone health.

Minimally Invasive Computer Assisted Surgery:
When orthopedic surgery is the best option, Munroe Orthopedics offers access to the lowest impact, minimally invasive surgical solutions that speed recovery and strengthen long term outcomes.

Diabetic Care:
Diabetes requires customized orthopedic solutions. Our surgeons work closely with our Diabetic Team to create care plans designed to maintain function and minimize damage caused by diabetes.

Pediatric Orthopedics:
For the majority of pediatric orthopedic problems, our specialists can care for them right here, close to home. For the most complicated and specialized orthopedic pediatric cases, we maintain excellent referral relations with the best doctors in their fields.

Workers' Compensation:
When you're injured on the job, we understand how to help you get back to your life and your work, reducing medical costs and time lost from work.