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Breastfeeding is one of the most precious gifts that a mother and child can give each other. The American Academy of Pediatrics identifies breastfeeding as the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants, and recognizes breasfeeding is primary in achieving optimal infant and child growth and development.

Breastfeeding your baby..a precious gift.

Breastfeeding is a learned experiences for both mother and baby. With time and practice, you will learn to recognize your baby's cues. At Munroe our maternity and newborn nursery RNs, lactation counselors and International Board Certified Lactation consultants work as a team to assist mothers and babies in the art of breastfeeding.

Before birth

We strongly encourage you and your partner to take our prenatal breastfeeding class prior to the birth of your baby. You will learn about the many ways breastfeeding benefits mother and baby and the techniques to assist with breastfeeding. Taking this class will help build your confidence in this natural, but new process.

During your hospital stay

We encourage you to nurse your baby as often and as long as your baby wants. Maternal child health RNs are available around the clock and lactation consultants will make daily round and referrals as needed.

Returning home

Once you return home,our Warm Line is available for advice and support. If you are experiencing difficulty, our lactaction consultants are available for in-office consultations by appointment during the day.

Lactation Supplies

Pumps and numerous products are located at the following for purchase or rental:

  • Comfort Care Medical Equipment (Belleview) (352) 307-9191
  • Bittings Pharmacy (Ocala) (352) 732-3666, x3
  • Walgreens (SW College Road) (352) 873-9806

To register for the Prenatal Breastfeeding Class, call (352) 368-3474.

Warm Line - Breastfeeding Support (daytime), call (352) 671-2164.

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