Newborn Nursery

The Newborn Nursery is an important component of your birthing experience at Munroe Regional Medical Center. Qualified staff are ready to assist you and your baby 24 hours a day; simply call (352) 402-5090.

Upon arriving in the Nursery, a complete newborn assessment is completed by a registered nurse. It is important that the nurse observe the baby closely to be sure the infant makes a smooth and healthy adjustment to the outside world. The nurse monitors the baby's temperature, heart rate, breathing and activity at regular intervals. When everything is stable, the baby is bathed so he/she is is fresh to meet mom, dad, family and friends.

Your baby's doctor will examine him/her in the morning between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
Special blood tests such as the "infant screening test" are done during this time, as well as any other blood tests the doctor may order. If you wait in your room, the doctor will come to see you and give you a full report.
Babies may stay with their moms as little or as long as mom wishes. This is often referred to as "rooming in." The Maternity and Nursery staff will continue to check on mom and baby to be sure all is well. During the late night hours, baby may be fed by mom or fed in the nursery, depending on mom's request. Babies are weighed daily, usually at the beginning of the night shift, around 11:00 p.m.

Infants will only be given to the mom or the "significant other" indicated by the mom at the baby's birth. Numbered I.D. bands must be shown at all times. Our electronic infant security system, the Nursery securitycard system and the I.D. bands are designed to give both the new parents and the hospital staff a better way to protect your little one.

Hospital baby pictures are taken routinely. A volunteer will visit your room to provide information how you can purchase these, if you wish. You are welcome to take pictures or videos of your baby through the nursery windows, but the "safety glass" will sometimes reflect in your photo. Your best shots will be taken while the baby is in your room.

You are welcome to place a small, clean toy in the crib. Pictures of siblings or parents may also be placed in the crib.

Pediatricians will routinely examine your baby in the morning. However, they will be called immediately if your baby's condition requires special attention.

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