Children's Emergency Department

The new full-service Children’s Emergency Department is located on the first floor of Munroe Regional, adjacent to main ER and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We'll be here when your child says, To better meet the needs of our community and expand the capabilities of pediatric emergency care at the medical center, the new Children’s Emergency Department features:

  • Nine dedicated treatment rooms,
  • Dedicated radiology services,
  • Separate waiting room,
  • Expanded service area (4,282 to 5,677 sq ft),

Previously, Munroe Regional’s Palmer/Klein Children’s Express was located across the street from the medical center’s main ER and was open from noon to midnight.

The Munroe Foundation, through the generosity of many in Marion county, raised $2.1 million to fund the construction of the Children’s ED. 

See a slideshow of the Children's Emergency Department Open House, the  construction progress, the ribbon cutting, or the artists' renderings of the facility from the right column of this page.

Click to view large version - Children's ED ad 9/9/12 Munroe's print ad for the Children's Emergency Dept on September 9, 2012 in the Ocala Star-Banner.
Munroe's Children's ED Munroe's ad announcing the opening the the Children's Emergency Room on August 20 | published in the Ocala Star Banner on August 11, 2012.
The July 2012 issue of Ocala Style Magazine, For the Children: Ocala's first children's emergency department, provides a great history of the development of the Children's ED.
On July 18, WCJB TV-20 broadcasted a feature on their 6 p.m. news highlighting Munroe's Children's Emeregency Department.

Top reasons for emergency room visits

Children under 15 made approximately 21,876,000 visits to an emergency room in 2006, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Boys were treated more often, and comprised 52.8% of the pediatric ER patient population. In total, approximately 18.4% of all emergency department visits were by children under 15 years of age.

The CDC states that the top reason that boys went to the emergency department was fever, which is generally considered to be an oral temperature of 100.0 or higher. The second most common reason for ER visits was cough, while the third was vomiting. Next on the list was an injury to the face, head or neck. Other problems to the facial area was the fifth most common reason for young males. The next five problems consisted of ear infection or earache, skin rash, pain and cramps in the stomach or abdominal area, throat problems such as a sore throat and difficult or labored breathing. Over half of all ER visits by boys were for reasons other than those listed, such as falls, sprains and broken bones.

The top reasons for girls to visit the emergency room varied a bit from the boys' list. The top reason was again fever, followed by cough. Third on the list was vomiting and fourth was earache or ear infection. Coming in fifth were throat complaints. Rounding out the next five reasons were abdominal and stomach pain and cramps; skin rash; injury to the face, head or neck; problems related to the face and headache. Over half of all ER visits by boys were for reasons other than those listed, such as falls, sprains and broken bones.

Below shows an artist rendering and the construction representing the illustrated section of the interior.

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