Munroe Regional Critical Care

The award-winning Division of Critical Care Medicine at Munroe Regional provides expeditious and comprehensive medical services to all the intensive care units hospital-wide. These include:

  • Medical intensive care
  • Medical Intermediate Care
  • General surgical intensive care
  • Cardiothoracic surgery intensive care
  • Neurosurgery intensive care
  • Trauma intensive care
  • Acute coronary care

Our highly trained team of critical care specialists, or "intensivists," are present 24/7 at the hospital and ready to treat patients in need of immediate attention in the intensive care units (ICUs). In fact, a member of this efficient team arrives within five minutes of being called to any one of Munroe's adult ICUs and within 30 minutes when called to another area of the hospital.

ICU Beacon Award

Munroe Regional’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has received the prestigious Beacon Award four times.Awarded by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, (AACN), Munroe Regional’s ICU is the only four-time Beacon Award Recipient in the state of Florida and only one of six in the nation to receive this distinction four or more times.  The award is specifically designated to recognize the nation’s top critical care units across hospitals nationwide.

As a Beacon Award recipient, Munroe Regional’s ICU succeeded in the following areas, as measured against evidence-based national criteria:

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Education, training and mentoring
  • Research and evidence-based practice
  • Patient outcomes
  • Leadership and organization ethics
  • Healing environment

Patients receiving care in Beacon Award units are assured that the critical care unit nursing staff, physicians and environment having met or exceeded rigid criteria for excellence, high-quality standards and exceptional care of patients and patient’s families.