Munroe’s Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology) Services

Munroe’s Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging Department offers a complete range of state-of-the-art diagnostic exams and therapeutic services. We offer some of the most technologically advanced medical care imaging in the region.

The Imaging Services Department provides physicians and other medical professionals with the diagnostic tools needed to identify an injury or illness. Our state licensed, board certified team of technical professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for inpatients, outpatients and emergency exams.

Quality images provide your physician with the tools and information needed to provide the best quality care for you.

The Procedures


Private parking is available for Outpatients and patients having Interventional Procedures. Your physician's office staff will schedule your imaging procedure and provide you with a physician's order. Please be sure to bring this with you on the day of the procedure as itallows us to perform the test. Follow the preparation instructions provided by your physician. For your specific procedure in order to be fully prepared and to ensure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Where to go and what to bring

When you come to the hospital, go first to the Admitting area that is located to the left of the sliding door upon entering the Johnson Lobby. In addition to your physician's orders (with diagnosis), bring photo identification, list of allergies, list of medications (with dosages, including over-the-counter medications) and insurance information. Please arrive one-half hour prior to your scheduled appointment time to accommodate the registration process.

Results: CD Requests

Patients may pick up a CD with your imaging study and results 365 days a week 24 hours a day. We prefer CD pickup requests to be called directly to the Radiology Department at (352) 351-7289. Patients should indicate their name, date of birth and the type of CDs that they are requesting for pick up as well as the pick up date required. Please allow time for our department to prepare the CD when requests have not been called in prior.

Sign-Out Policy for Patient Pickup

After requesting a CD pickup, simply come to the reception area in Radiology (2nd floor). Please have photo identification available to present to the receptionist. You will be asked to sign a release authorization prior to receiving your requested CDs. The Radiology CD sign-out policy is strictly followed due to designated HIPAA regulations.

Sign-Out Policy for Designee Pickup

Patients who are not able to pick up CDs in person and choose to send in a designee should be advised that the designee is required to have written authorization by the patient in order to pick up the CDs. Simply put, patients who are unable to pick up their own CDs need to state on a piece of paper the name of the designee and that they are authorized to pick up CDs. The patient should sign this piece of paper and instruct the designee to bring it to the hospital and provide it to the Radiology receptionist. The designee will also be required to show photo identification and sign the release authorization in order to sign out CDs. The Radiology CD sign-out policy is strictly followed due to designated HIPAA regulations.

Return Policy

Please keep in mind that all CDs that are signed out are yours to keep. Please do not return the CD.

To schedule your own appointment, please call Central Scheduling (352) 402-5111.