Hearing and Screening Test

Munroe Regional Medical Center provides a hearing screening test for your baby.

Just as the Metabolic Screening blood test is required by law for all babies born in Florida, so is a hearing screening test. The screening test will be provided by an audiologist or speech-language pathologist from Munroe's Speech and Hearing Center. This person will come to talk with you about this test and discuss the results and any follow up needed.

The most important years for language development are the first three years. Research has shown that children whose hearing loss is detected early and receive appropriate intervention demonstrate better speech and language development, as well as social and emotional growth than those who do not.

This screening test will not cause your baby any discomfort and is usually completed in a few minutes. Your baby's physician will be notified of test results. If, for some reason, your child is not screened prior to discharge, please call the Munroe Speech & Hearing Center at (352) 732-4900 to schedule this test.

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