ICU Mobility

In 2010, Munroe’s Intensive Care Unite joined in a collaborative effort along with 14 other ICU’s across the country. The group was tasked with the development of a patient mobility bundle. Mobility bundles are groups of activities created for each individual patient based on their condition and current ability. Benefits of individualized plans include preventing skin breakdown, providing comfort and avoiding deconditioning.

The group developed an early mobility bundle based on the latest research. The bundle was trialed in 15 hospitals, with data collection completed before and after bundle implementation. Results indicated that ICU patients who were placed on this bundle early in their stay had improved results and fewer complications.

In April of 2011, the ICU at Munroe Regional Medical Center was 1 of 4 critical care units invited to present the results of this research Nationally. All patients in the ICU at Munroe are placed on this mobility continuum and benefit from collaborative efforts between nursing and physical therapy staff.