Tree of Life

A tree symbolizes life. This is what the gifts of organ and tissue donors represent to transplant recipients. Our tree is a reminder of the selfless gifts that donors and their families have given and of the miracles that without them would not have been possible.
Donation embodies the spirit of generosity, compassion, and admiration.

"In honor of our patients
and families who lovingly
chose to give the Gift of Life."
— Tree of Life...

Each and every name on the Tree of Life is a legacy; not only to those who knew them but to the recipients. The tree is a canopy embracing organ and tissue donation of 80 of our patients who made the selfless decision to donate organs and tissues so others may live. The memory of loved ones will forever live in our hearts and the hearts of those that can continue to live.

Research has shown that a Tree of Life gives us a sense of connectedness, healing and peace and is an important loving activity that helps us in remembering our loved ones.