A physician driven initiative of the medical staff
at Munroe Regional Medical Center

Developing Local Solutions that Make Sense

There is no doubt that big changes are ahead for every aspect of the nation’s healthcare delivery and reimbursement infrastructure. The added uncertainty brought about by the recent U.S. elections provides even greater motivation for physicians to be proactive in developing local solutions that make sense.

The medical staff at Munroe Regional Medical Center is doing just that, taking a leading edge, collaborative approach to healthcare delivery aimed at improving quality and outcomes, controlling costs and strengthening the position of the private practice physician to contract collectively with commercial health plans.

Clinically-integrated physician networks, like the one at Munroe Regional, create a high degree of interdependence and cooperation between physicians and the hospital. Physicians, often in collaboration with a hospital or health system, develop active and ongoing clinical initiatives that are designed to control costs and improve the quality of healthcare services. This integration helps to remove the barriers to the coordination of patient care and increases the efficiency of its delivery.  Clinical Integration is a relatively new concept that is being employed effectively across the country.

The Physician Health Partners clinical integration program at Munroe Regional contains initiatives that:

  • optimize clinical outcomes,
  • adopt evidence-based protocols,
  • reduce unnecessary utilization,
  • provide measurable results, which
  • are used to help the physician clinical integration leaders evaluate network physician performance.

Such a program fosters interdependence among providers and enables them to achieve higher quality and greater cost-effectiveness than they likely could accomplish on their own, while enabling joint contracting with fee-for-service health plans in a way that financially recognizes the physicians’ efforts to improve healthcare quality and efficiency.


Physicians interested in learning more about the Clinical Integration initiative are encouraged to contact any of the committee members or Joy Macaisa at (352) 402-5063.

Physician Health Partners is a for-profit subsidiary of Munroe Regional Medical Center