A physician driven initiative of the medical staff
at Munroe Regional Medical Center


Dr. Ravi Chandra, Chairman
Dr. Mel Seek, Vice Chairman
Dr. Nagesh Kohli
Dr. Sukumaran Ramaswami
Richard D. Mutarelli


Dr. Christian Larsen, VP Operations
Dr. Robert Linn, VP Payors/Finance
Dr. David Willis, VP Quality
Dr. Lon McPherson, Secretary/CMO
Marc Miller, MBA, FACHE, FACMPE, President/COO

Department Roles

Operations Department: The operations department will operate and manage the overall program and have oversight of the routine performance of Physician Health Partners | Dr. Christian Larsen, VP Operations and Dr. Jay Rubin, Director of Operations

Quality Department: The quality department will maintain oversight of quality program, evaluate and modify ongoing benchmarks and targets and be responsible for physician education and support activities | Dr. David Willis, VP Quality and Dr. John Bittl, Director of Quality

Payor/Finance Department: The payor/finance department provides guidance of payer strategy and relationships by overseeing and modifying incentive distribution policies/formulas. | Dr. Robert Linn, VP Payor/Finance and Dr. Krishnaswamy Swaminathan, Director of Payor/Finance


Physicians interested in learning more about the Clinical Integration initiative are encouraged to contact any of the committee members or Joy Macaisa at (352) 402-5063.

Physician Health Partners is a for-profit subsidiary of Munroe Regional Medical Center