Volunteer Services

 Volunteers helps people in and out of the medical center

Munroe Regional Medical Center has over 1,705 volunteers working in over 60 different areas of the hospital. Last year, over 217,282 hours of volunteer service were donated to the patients, staff and visitors of Munroe Regional.

What makes a great volunteer?

  • Quality:
    An unwavering commitment to superior healthcare.
  • Compassion:
    Concern for human welfare & alleviation of suffering.
  • Responsibility:
    Being accountable for the things we do and say.
  • Respect:
    Recognizing the worth of others.
  • Integrity:
    Commitment to moral and ethical behavior.

Munroe's Volunteer and Senior Services Team 

Jennifer Wood, M.S.W.

Executive Director, Volunteer and Senior Services

Responsibilities include Develop programs and services which enhance Munroe's mission and successfully execute these plans through the Volunteer and Senior Services Division. Administrative responsibility of the Auxiliary, Volunteer Services, Pastoral Care, Prestige 55, Parish Nursing/Health Ministry/Wholistic Healing Institute, Customer Service Liaisons, Collins Center at TimberRidge and Lifeline services.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 1983
Telephone Number (352) 671-2153
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail jenniferwood@mrhs.org

Judy Peacock

Manager, Volunteer and Senior Services

Responsibilities include Provide direction, management and education for all active Volunteer groups within Munroe Regional Medical Center. Carefully plan, develop and implement in-service volunteer programs which maximize staff resources and increase customer satisfaction.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 1989
Telephone Number (352) 671-2153
Fax Number (352) 401-5160
E-mail judypeacock@mrhs.org

Tom Carson

Manager of Pastoral Care

Responsibilities include Provide spiritual support to patients, volunteers, families and staff of Munroe Regional Medical Center.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 1997
Telephone Number (352) 402-5280
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail tomcarson@mrhs.org

Jessica McCune, R.N., M.S.

Parish Nurse/Health Ministry Coordinator

Responsibilities include Direct the Wholistic Healing Institute, an arts and medicine program at Munroe's Pastoral Care department, as well as directing the dual programs of Parish Nursing and Health Ministry.  Preventive medicine in the faith community, these two program combine body, mind and spirit. Health advocacy is taught as well as the belief that there is healing, even in the absence of a cure.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 1999
Telephone Number (352) 351-7200 extension 7738
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail jessicamccune@mrhs.org

Joanne Robinson

Prestige 55 Coordinator

Responsibilities include Provide direction and coordination to the health and wellness activities and education of Prestige 55 members. Planning, developing and implementing programs intended for senior citizens through the use of Munroe resources will increase customer satisfaction and improve access to the healthcare provided by Munroe.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 2012
Telephone Number (352) 671-2153
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail joannerobinson@mrhs.org

Bill Mansfield, APR

Program Coordinator, Collins Health Resource Center

Responsibilities include Coordinate activities at the Collins Health Resource Center and coordinate volunteers at the Emergency Center at TimberRidge.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 1986
Telephone Number (352) 873-2788
Fax Number (352) 873-0050
E-mail billmansfield@mrhs.org

Angela Ressler

Program Specialist

Responsibilities include Coordinate teen and college student volunteer program, as well as the Medical Explorers program.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 2002
Telephone Number (352) 671-2153
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail angelaressler@mrhs.org

Mary Kennelly

Auxiliary Financial Coordinator

Responsibilities include Provide financial accountability and fundraising coordination to the Auxiliary's major business areas including the Gift Shop.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 2000
Telephone Number (352) 402-5353
Fax Number (352) 671-2116
E-mail marykennelly@mrhs.org

Michelle Hodges

Executive Secretary

Responsibilities include Coordinate and provide secretarial and reception support for all areas of the Volunteer & Senior Services division; manage and rent the Auxiliary Conference Center for private functions.
Number of years at Munroe Hired: 2005
Telephone Number (352) 671-2153
Fax Number (352) 402-5160
E-mail michellehodges@mrhs.org


Munroe Auxiliary Services and their Impact on our Community  

Volunteer Services

  • 1,705 adults, students and teenage volunteers, recruited and trained 435 new volunteers
  • Delivered 16,523 floral arrangements, answered 154,321 patient information calls, visited 100,280 patients, discharged 34,679 patients via wheelchair and escorted/directed over 176,000 visitors and families
  • Educated 1,830 1st grade students about emergency 9-1-1, bike and stranger safety and hospital visitation.
  • Staff and volunteers provided 15community health fairs, presentations, hosted 4 Random Acts of Kindness seminars.
  • The Auxiliary pledged over $600,000 to renovate the expand the ACC which was completed in early 2012.
  • Donated $3.8 million in equivalent wages during FY12.
  • Operates a Uniform Store, Gift Shop and baby photo service.
  • Provides 24-hour emergency response system (Lifeline) to 481 elderly patients.
Pastoral Care & Parish Nurse/Health Ministry
  • 25 Pastoral Care volunteers and on-call clergy provided 20,142 patient visits.
  • 69 active volunteers provide compassionate care service to patients through the No One Dies Alone program.
  • 137 Parish Nurse/Health Ministers donated over 7,600 hours of services for our faith community. These volunteers represent 68 community churches.
Prestige 55

A wellness and prevention program designed to maximize the health of our community residents over the age of 55.

  • 28,580 active members
  • Prestige 55 offered 749 wellness/fitness, 72 social/leisure, 439 educational and 124 physician-led classes and programs. 44,281 members attended these classes, with a 95% satisfaction rating.
  • Visitation volunteers provided inpatient visits to 16,345 members.
  • 12,124 Prestige 55 chose Munroe for inpatient services, generating over $168,232,825.32 in patient charges.

Volunteer Impact 

  • 34,679 patient discharges via wheelchair
  • 154,321 patient information telephone calls answered
  • 16,523 floral arrangements delivered
  • 2,400 surgical patients escorted
  • 344 teen volunteers contributed over 15,422 service hours
  • 54 staff extenders provided patient care/non-medical services to patient care units on 5SE and 6SW, 7 days week/12 hours day.